Al Ghandi Switchgear Industry is one of the leading manufacturers of PCC/MCC panels both fixed (compartmental / stand-alone) and draw out type. We have the capacity to integrate larger loads and design as per customer’s specifications. Our manufactured PCC/MCC panel units comprise of various types of starters, soft starters, variable frequency drives, solid state motor controllers, light loads, analog / digital metering, feeder circuit breakers, capacitor feeders, feeder fuse disconnectors, microprocessor-based circuit breaker etc.

Eaton xEnergy

Authorised Panel Builder

As an authorized panel builder, we provide the optimum solution for low voltage switchgear and control gear assemblies. Every single functional module in Eaton’s xEnergy assembly- a low voltage main distribution up to 6300 A, is perfectly prepared and systematically planned from the switchgear and mounting system technology to the enclosures and design software tools.

VX25 Ri4Power

Enclosure System from Rittal

We also offer panels with enclosure system from Rittal. VX25 Ri4Power provides safe, low-voltage switchgear or power distributors with design verification in line with IEC 61439. It can also be optimally integrated into the new Rittal VX25 large enclosure system. The VX25 Ri4Power is suitable for use with open and compact circuit-breakers from all well-known manufacturers.

ATS Panels

Low Voltage Panels Approved by MOID

We furnish completely enclosed ATyS Bypass panels from Socomec that are LOVAG /ASEFA third-party-certified in accordance with IEC 61439 standards. Moreover, we provide multiple function equipment transfer switching equipment that have been designed, tested and approved by the IEC 609471-6- standards.

Preferred RTA Supplier

for Street Lighting Feeder Pillars

As an approved RTA vendor for the last 25 years, we supply street lighting feeder pillars to Dubai’s road projects.

Switchgear Servicing

We enter into annual maintenance contracts for switchgear installations, thereby providing the following services:

  • Conducting thermal imaging to find overheating issues in switchgear panels and recommend corrective actions for safe functioning of electrical panels.
  • Harmonic study, design and commissioning support for smart metering for commercial establishments.
  • ACB secondary injection test and servicing.

Retrofit Services

Al Ghandi Switchgear Industries, arrange retrofit services for ACBs from various manufacturers. We prefer to conduct a site survey for every retrofit project. This ensures quick installation with minimum disruption to the client’s supply. Mechanical and electrical interfaces are modelled using state-of-the-art 3D CAD. Additionally, we arrange for busbar interface connections to the switchboard to be independently short-circuit tested. This provides reassurances to the client that the fault capability of the retrofitted circuit breakers and connections will equal or exceed that of the original system.

Manufacture assembly and routine testing is carried out at Terasaki’s facility and their factory and processes are certified to the ISO 9001 QMS. Our engineers are renowned for their innovative and efficient working approach. Some of our retrofit designs can be installed without shutdown failing the possibility of which, our team ensures minimized system disruption.

EPLAN for Engineering

EPLAN Electric P8 software and AutoCAD are tools used by our engineers in designing, project- planning, documentation and providing subsequent phases of the project, such as production, assembly, commissioning and services with the required data.