Brief Description: 

Manual change over switches (I-0-II)

Technical Characteristics: 

SIRCOVER are manual multipolar changeover switches with positive break indication. The Family includes the three ranges: SIRCOVER AC for dead time switching (I-0-II) SIRCOVER AC for overlaping contact switching (I-I+II-II) SIRCOVER BYPASS - This version is the combination of three interlocked switches enabling use with 3+6 poles or 4+8 poles. They provide switching ,source inversion and changeover under load for two low voltage power circuits,as well as their safety isolation by double breaking per pole.



External Handle No. of Poles Rating Shaft Model No.
S14212113 4P 125A 200mm-S14001020 41AC 4013
S14212113 4P 160A 200mm-S14001020 41AC 4016
S14212113 4P 200A 200mm-S14001020 41AC 4020
S14212113 4P 250A 200mm-S14001020 41AC 4025
S14212113 4P 315A 200mm-S14001020 41AC 4031
S14212113 4P 400A 200mm-S14001020 41AC 4039
S14212113 4P 500A 200mm-S14001020 41AC 4050
S14212113 4P 630A 200mm-S14001020 41AC 4063
S14433113 4P 800A 200mm-S14011520 41AC 4080
S14433113 4P 1000A 200mm-S14011520 41AC 4100
S14433113 4P 1250A 200mm-S14011520 41AC 4120
S14433113 4P 1600A 200mm-S14011520 41AC 4160
S14433113 4P 1800A 200mm-S14011520 41AC 4180
S14538113 4P 2000A 320mm-S27993018 41AC 4200
S14538113 4P 2500A 320mm-S27993018 41AC 4250
S14538113 4P 3200A 320mm-S27993018 41AC 4320


External Handle No. of Poles Rating Shaft Model No.
S14232114 4P 125A 200MM-1400 1020 4190 4013
S14232114 4P 160A 200MM-1400 1020 4190 4016
S14232114 4P 200A 200MM-1400 1020 4190 4019
S14232114 4P 250A 200MM-1400 1020 4190 4025
S14232114 4P 400A 200MM-1400 1020 4190 4039
S14232114 4P 500A 200MM-1400 1020 4190 4050
S14232114 4P 630A 200MM-1400 1020 4190 4063
S14433114 4P 800A 320mm-14011532 4190 4080
S14433114 4P 1250A 320mm-14011532 4190 4120
S14433114 4P 1600A 320mm-14011532 4190 4160
S14433114 4P 1800A 320mm-14011532 4190 4180